Susquehanna River

Flowing from western PA and New York the Susquehanna river is over 440 miles long and at places over a mile wide. It has suffered over the years from pollution and over fishing, but with the help of local guides and the government, the river is on an up swing and has come back with vengeance. This river is a wonderful place to spend a day floating down on a drift boat throwing flies at the banks and rock ledges looking for smallmouth of all sizes. This is a system that can be overwhelming to some because of its size, but TCO works with some guides that have spend the better part of 3 decades fishing it and learning its ins and outs. Let us take away some of that intimidation and shorten your learning curve by taking a trip with one of our experienced guides.

The smallmouth in the Susquehanna are very special, they have come back from a tragedy that almost whipped them out completely. These fish are resilient and relentless, and with a little and I mean a little help from us, they have come back to the numbers and health that will rival the hay days. Hook a few of these fish on a fly rod and you will see just what we mean by resilient and relentless.