Schuylkill River 

The Schuylkill river is unlike any other smallmouth fishery in the state. This small river is over 100 miles long and flows through some of the most beautiful country PA has to offer. It has a phenomenal story to tell, and you can find its name in history books as far back as the revolutionary war. At one point this river was call “the black river”, with warnings to parents to keep their kids out of the water for fear of infection and disease. That is not the case anymore, after a large government founded clean up, the Schuylkill River is now one of the cleanest rivers in PA. For flowing through some very large and densely populated areas, this river has a wilderness feel unlike anything else we have on the eastern side of the state.

The smallmouth and musky fishing is only a bonus to its beautiful scenery. In the summer months the river is gin clear and sight fishing for smallmouth of every size is the norm. With little to no pressure, little stream bank access, and our private boat launches, we can show you some of the best smallmouth and musky fishing the east has to offer. Our smallmouth range from 6 inches to 20 inches with the average size 8-14 inches. The musky fishery consists of both wild stream bread musky, and a healthy population of stocked tiger musky.

The Schuylkill is a hidden gem in the warm water world, and we would love to show you all it has to offer. Inflatable rafts and drift boats, make fishing comfortable and fun, and with almost no access we will have the river all to ourselves.